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150 cm 


22.5 cm 

Order no .: SEB2K225150

Product information on “Bench board element type classic”

With our pre-assembled bench board elements made of recycled plastic, new seating is created quickly and inexpensively. The plastic planks are pre-assembled on aluminum U-profiles and can be screwed onto corresponding substructures. The necessary holes for screwing are already available. The hanit ® plastic bench board elements are available in various designs and lengths.
Typical areas of application for bench planks made of recycled plastic are, for example, renovation of bank systems, new bank systems, stadiums, sports facilities, forest and open-air stages or bank structures on concrete foundations, steel frames, U-stones and existing masonry.

  • Lathing: classic or premium planks
  • Walls and plinths are turned into seating
  • Inexpensive and quick assembly
  • Also suitable for repairs

The distance between the planks is 2.5 cm. The assembly takes place on aluminum U-profiles. 3 beams are attached per element. For each girder there is a hole for fastening between the outer bench planks. Beams 150 cm element at 20/75/130 cm. Beams 200 cm element at 20/100/180 cm. Packaging units are for guidance only. There are no order specifications. If the product is longer than 200 cm, it is packed on double pallets. Other sizes and colors on request. Delivery without fastening material.


Detail selection : Brown, length: 150 cm
Quality (material) : hanit®
color : brown
length : 150 cm
depth : 22.5 cm
Strength : 6 cm
Weight : 14 kg
reinforcement : mounted reinforcement, simple
Delivery condition : Finished item
Pieces per pallet : 30th

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