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Training exercises using Punto Fit frame

Depth – 8400 mm (10100 mm with uneven bars)
Width – 1800 mm (3000 mm with horizontal bar)
Height 2800 mm (3180 mm with gymnastics rings bracket)
Weight – 2415 kg (Frame weight – 1250 kg)

Frame with equipment:
Frame (Length – 8.4 m) – 1 piece
Vertical climbing frame – 2 pieces
Horizontal climbing frame (Length – 8.4 m) – 1 piece
Uneven bars – 2 pieces
Gymnastics rings bracket – 2 pieces
TRX crossbar – 10 pieces
Horizontal bar with vertical climbing frame – 1 piece
Rope bracket – 1 piece
Rope – 1 piece
Corner barbell with weight plate – 1 piece
Punching bag – 1 piece
Horizontal climbing wall – 1 piece
The revolver pull-up bar – 1 piece
Gymnastics rings bracket – 1 piece

Our sports equipment is suitable for a wide variety of activities, allowing you not to limit your goals but achieve better results.

With the help of our multifunctional sports complexes it is possible to do the following activities:

  • weightlifting,
  • workout,
  • climbing,
  • boxing,
  • crossfit,
  • gymnastics,
  • TRX.

The use of equipment for basic sports exercises can be a good help to achieve excellent results in any sport, whether tennis or trampoline, gymnastics or rowing, weightlifting or martial arts like sambo or karate, etc.

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