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Empire Sarmad deals with the world’s best brands in Playground equipment, tested & proven quality with lengthiest warranty terms, best after-sales service, and customer support. Our team is specially trained and certified to install the equipment in the most accurate and precise way to ensure the safety of children playing and enhance playground equipment life. Our team is experts in installing playground equipment to protect it from environmental effects and give it maximum life.

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Our History

Established in 2003, with a team of 10 people - in Moscow, Russia, as a small startup company by the name of Sarmad L.L.C. - we have grown to an enterprise of 600 workforce and expanded our locations to many countries.

Our Mission

To create value and better quality products. To ensure the safety and provide improved health benefits of our young generation. Finally we want to create better economic opportunities and provide better job opportunities.

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Our Vision

We see great potential in our young generation, we believe in them. Providing them a healthy atmosphere to nourish their physical and metal health is our responsibility and we are committed to it.

Founder's Message

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Providing innocent children a healthy activity and valuing their little moments makes them the great personalities of time.

David Bagdasarian
Co-Founder, Director


Best Quality Playground Equipment Supply, Installation, and Customization in GCC.

GCC leading recreational, entertainment, public parks, and children playground areas designing and development company, with an expert team and in-stock equipment to deliver best solutions. Specialized to customize the equipment to any theme and design requirements, Empire Sarmad leads the way by all factors.