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Product Features

  • Hard-wearing and durable HDPE construction
  • Durable engraved graphics
  • Easy to clean
  • For wall mounting
  • Designed to British & European Standards
  • Comes in two thicknesses 12.5mm and 19mm

Alphabet Snake Wall Play Panel

Product No. FISNAKE12

Product description

Make learning fun with the Alphabet Snake Play Panel. Trace the letters down the snake from A-Z.

Constructed from hardwearing HDPE which will not rot, crack or fade. The graphics are engraved and the panel suitable for wall mounting. Perfect for the playground or play space. Very low maintenance playground equipment, just a wipe over when needed. Available in a variety of colours to suit your school playground or play space. The popular and classic Alphabet Snake Play Panel is a great way to encourage learning through play and can be fixed to any vertical surface in your playground or play space or can be mounted onto posts fixed into the ground. Multiple panels can installed side by side or back to back. Just ask for more details or download the Information sheet.

Order Code: Yellow/Red main panel

FISNAKE12: 650x1190mm Alphabet Snake Wall Panel 12mm


You must specify the color option you require at the time of order if it is different from the standard color listed with the order code (above), otherwise you will receive the standard color.

All customers’ requirements are subject to availability at the time of order.

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