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BERGO ECO ROYAL is part of the System 1-floors and is a sound, technical product designed for most types of areas.

ECO Royal offers the same properties and functions as our “ordinary” Royal tile, the only difference being that this flooring is manufactured from 100% recycled material. ECO ROYAL is available in bright and attractive colors.


Here we show the colors that are standard and stock items for this product.

* = limited stock


Grey Cloud              Blue Sea*                  Beige Line                Brown Velvet*


Its multifunctional properties can solve your flooring problems indoors and out; ideal for everything from splintery terrace decking to damp and/or mould-affected storeroom and cellar floors. Comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet in the hottest of countries.

Examples of applications: Balconies, patios, smaller private garages, storerooms, cellars, wet areas such as saunas, pools, shower areas and utility rooms. In the case of larger garage areas and car show rooms, Bergo Supreme is recommended.

This flooring can also be used in informal public settings such as storerooms, balcony projects, walkways, etc.

Here are some of the multifunctional properties offered by the product:

  • Easy to lay – no fasteners.
  • Adapts to the surface beneath – no need to smooth out any irregularities
  • Easy-draining
  • Well-vented – allows the surface beneath to breathe
  • Movable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Non-organic material (non-moisture-absorbing)

Our floors are 100% recyclable as a raw material, again and again, and can ultimately be incinerated at district heating plants for heating our homes, with no environmentally-harmful emissions.

By purchasing this product you are contributing to our environmental commitment and helping us to reduce the waste mountain!


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