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NEW! The first IMO approved floor tile in the world. And the world’s toughest!

BERGO EXTREME conform to relevant MED and IMO. The raised and textured patterns of IMO plastic flooring from BERGO FLOORING meet the standards established by the International Maritime Organization for vessels used in international waterways. This PVC-free tile allows dirt and water to drain off of the walking surface, increasing traction and improving slip resistance.

BERGO EXTREME features a special mix of raw materials and design providing excellent wear durability. BERGO EXTREME is developed for ship interiors and passenger balconies on mega-yacht, ferries and cruise ships. Bergo Extreme is a complement to Bergo Excellence.

Performance Attributes

• Environmentally-friendly: BERGO EXTREME is 100% recyclable (PVC-free).

• Heavy duty (1000 ton / 1 m2), slip-resistant and flame retardant.

• Conforms to MED and IMO Resolutions.


* IMO – the International Maritime Organization – is the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships.


Here we show the colors that are standard and stock items for this product.

* = limited stock

Dark Blue


Usage areas

BERGO EXTREME, conform to relevant MED and IMO, is heavy duty safety flooring ideal for indoor, outdoors and wet areas. It offers slip resistance in areas such as passenger balconies, pool areas, laundry rooms, engine rooms, freezer rooms, etc.

You will find Bergo Extreme plastic floor tiles in demanding outdoor café environments, in shops and on hundreds of ship decks throughout the world, from the Hurtigruten coastal vessels in Norway, to luxury cruisers in the West Indies, and even passenger ferries.

Some multi-functions Bergo Extreme offers

  • Easy to lay – no fasteners. Also easy to move.
  • Adapts to the surface beneath – no need to smooth out any irregularities
  • Easy-draining and well-vented – allows the surface beneath to breathe
  • Non-slip
  • Movable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Non-organic material (non-moisture-absorbing)
  • Hard-wearing and load-resistant
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Our floors are 100% recyclable as a raw material, again and again, and can ultimately be incinerated at district heating plants for heating our homes, with no environmentally-harmful emissions.

The multi-function handle not only wear, it can also withstand heat, cold, salt, sun, wind and water, all at the same time. In addition to the lightweight, draining and venting design, includes the multi-function also sound-insulating effect. It is pleasant to walk on, even barefoot in our warmest countries. The extra dense pattern ensures even the use of so-called stiletto heels.

Bergo Extreme, performance:

Type B, with a rough surface, which yields extra friction and reduces the risk of ice formation in cold climates.

Cost-effective installation

Our floors can be supplied in pre-assembled sheets (3 x 4 tiles) and is therefore very quick to lay.

By installing BERGO EXTREME the painted deck is protected, which does not need to be repainted long time to come. This saves a lot of money in maintenance costs.




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