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Order No.: TKS40200


Product information about “Children’s Table Mira”

This table showcases its advantages like no other, under all conditions. These include robustness, stability and durability. With its deep centre of gravity at a table height of 61 cm, it looks even more massive than its “adult” counterpart. This table is the congenial addition to the “Mira” bench.
Plastic tables made of the recycled plastic hanit from HAHN Plastics have been in use for decades. The material properties of the recycled plastic hanit ensure the robustness and durability of the plastic products. The plastic tables made of high-quality secondary plastics are robust, maintenance-free and fit perfectly into any environment – whether in the city park, as a table for existing park benches or in the garden. In this way, the recycled products made of hanit provide both visual lyre and economic joy.®®®

  • Previous name: Kindertisch Schwetzingen
  • 2 table boards: 200 x 40 x 7.5/6.5 cm
  • Table area: 200 x 80 cm
  • Table height: 61 cm
  • Defying every child’s ton
  • Optional: Ground anchor type 2

Benches and tables are supplied as a kit. Assembly instructions and material are enclosed.

Product data

Detailed selection : Width: 200 cm
Quality (material) : hanit®
Color : Brown
Width : 200 cm
Height : 61 cm
Depth : 82 cm
Weight : 131 kg
Footprint : 200 x 82 x 61 cm
Setting up type : Detached
Reinforcement : integrated reinforcement
Type table surface : TYPE-01 with 2 tableboards 200x40x7.5/6,5
Foot material : hanit®
Delivery : partially assembled

Additional Information

Support : type compact 2 table boards: 200 x 40 x 7.5 / 6.5 cm
table height: 61 cm
table surface: 80 x 200 cm

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