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Dimensional characteristics
  • Products line : Lounge
Set up
  • Norms : NF-P99-610


Comfort and peacefulness!

The name evokes a comfortable room, a taste for the finer things, luxury and relaxation.
Lounge is all this, with outstanding design and pure quality as a bonus.
Its rounded shapes invite users to sit down, relax and even dream!
Lounge takes the ergonomics and spirit of an indoor setting outside.
The gently profiled slats are available in several wood types.
The striking legs are in steel, a material that has never been so modern: The striking legs are in steel, a material that has never been so modern: it is durable, infinitely recyclable and lends itself to inspiration.
Indeed, new techniques using 2D and 3D laser cutting, robotic bending and welding make it possible to create shapes and patterns that delight the professional eye.


  • The steel structure : It is produced by 2D and 3D laser cutting and by robotic welding
  • The finish : The steel is coated with a double surface coating: zinc plating + powder coating.
    As an option, wide choice of colors and textures of the steel parts
  • Wood: Three versions available:
    – tropical hardwood : JAN-0502
    – softwood : JAN-0501
    – bamboo : JAN-0503
    Please enquire for other wood species.
  • Treatment: Wood is treated with a water based,fungicidal and insecticidal acrylic stain that enhances the natural appearance of the wood.
  • Length (in mm): 700
  • Nb seats : 1

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