All Age Groups

All Purpose Use


Play Event Component List

1 Periscope Panel
2 Pirate Face Panel
1 Woodgrain Porthole Panel
4 Woodgrain Window Panel
1 Woodgrain Playcounter
1 Pipe Ladder 5′
1 Front Bow of Boat
1 Non-Skid Balcony Deck
2 Square Deck
3 Triangle Deck
8 Infill Panel 6″
1 Mermaid Bow Front
1 Mast Yard Arms & Pirate Flag
1 PlayShip Steering Wheel on Post
1 Spiral Slide 6′
1 Jungle Net 5′
4 Rectangle Deck
2 Double Slide Plastic Hood
1 Double Scoop Slide 4′
1 Double Dare Slide 5′
1 Transfer Station 4′

Best User Age: 5-12 years
Child Capacity: 58
Area Required: 41′-10″ x 35′-1″ (12.8m x 10.7m)
Fall Height: 6ft (1.83m) ASTM | 10ft (3.0m) CSA

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