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Product Features

More information about the RotoGen Pedestal Piano will be coming soon…

    • NEW RotoGen powered*
    • Stainless steel pedestal
    • HDPE panel interface construction
    • 8 piano notes C to C
    • High quality sound playback
    • Touch sensor activation
  • Ultra-reliable, commercial grade electronics
  • Water and tamper resistant housing
  • Coated electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee
  • Can be supplied without the pedestal
  • Battery, wired and solar power options available

*More about the RotoGen


The RotoGen is a human powered energy generation system to run the PlayTronic activity. The user rotates the easy-turn rotor disc which generates electricity which is stored and ready for use.

This Insert features our RotoGen human powered kinetic energy dynamo, which also has an intelligent power monitoring system to check and protect the power input, playback ad battery protection.


Let their imaginations run wild with the RotoGen PlayTronic Pedestal Piano. Encouraging the development of hand – eye coordination, rhythm and musicality in the playground – be a rock star at playtime!


PlayTronic Pedestals are a simple, sturdy and attractive way to mount our PlayTronic activities. The pedestal itself in fabricated from stainless steel and has welded lugs for securing the panel interface activity. Installation of the pedestal is easy with welded internal brackets in side the cylinder base ready for bolt down of to attach ground lugs.


The potential for the pedestal format is huge and can be used at theme parks, attractions and public spaces for information and interactive content feedback. The interface panels, sounds and playback are all customisable and we can even supply a graphic wrap for the pedestal to theme it to the environment/attraction and make it more visual.

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