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All Purpose Use


Model: SD003

Desc.: 46″ (1168mm) Round Picnic Table with Aluminum Shade Roof
Capacity: 8-Person
Frame: 5″ (127mm) Dia. 11ga (3.18mm) Steel Tubing and 2.375″ (60.33mm) 11ga (3.18mm) Horizontal Steel Supports
Seats & Top: 14ga (1.98) Laser Cut Steel Inserts with 11ga (3.18mm) Outer Steel Frame
Shade Roof: 14ga (1.63mm) Laser Cut Aluminum Panels with 0.25″ (6.35mm) Steel Supports and 1.315″ (33.40mm) 12ga (2.77mm) Steel Tubing Cross Braces
Type: Inground
Coating: Polyester Powder Coat Finish


SD003-H with Roof Highlight Tubes

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