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Product Features
    • Solar powered energy
    • Overcharge and undercharge protection
    • HDPE panel construction
    • Farm animal sounds and Old MacDonald tune sounds
    • Stainless steel touch-sensor activation
  • Ultra-reliable, commercial grade electronics
  • Water and tamper resistant housing
  • Coated electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee
  • Easy installation into your own panel or product


Product Information Sheet





Product Order Code

Green/Beige panel with Yellow/Black solar panel frame and self colour stainless steel touch sensors 

  • FIPTOLDMCINSOL – Solar PlayTronic Old MacDonald Panel Insert


Custom sounds, colours and designs available to your specification, please contact our office for more details.



IMPORTANT: you must specify the colour option you require at the time of order if it is different from the standard colour listed with the order code (above), otherwise you will receive the standard colour.


Please Note: All customers’ requirements are subject to availability at the time of order

This is the ideal solution for those customers who machine their own HDPE panels or work with other materials such as timber and HPL.

This Panel Insert version has a built in solar panel to generating the power to keep the reserve power batteries topped up. The charge circuits have protection for overcharging and also a cut-off if the batteries get too low.

Fahr supplies the Panel Insert assembled and all you have to do is offer the insert into the panel and attach it in place with security fasteners, Fahr can even supply these for you if you wish!

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