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Dimensional characteristics
  • Products line : Classic 2
Sett up
  • Norms : NF-P99-610


Simply idyllic!

Art Nouveau

This style has left a creative mark on contemporary street furniture. For over a century, its harmonious curving lines have been part of our environment, without ever becoming stale.
While developing its Classic range, Husson International has drawn on that style, which continues to be held in high esteem. An example of that is our famous Swann bench, originally designed by Hector Guimard and updated by Husson Design Studio.
Cast iron and wood for timeless beauty.
At home in all environments, Classic furniture combines the warmth of wood with the elegance of cast iron.
The first impression is one of lasting high quality.

  • Cast-iron structure: After the legs are turned out of the mould, they are stripped and sandblasted.
  • Finishing: Cast iron parts are coated with polyester powder that is oven-cured at 250 °C to form a protective coat that is about 100 microns thick.
    As an option, there is a wide choice of colors and textures.
  • Wood: Three versions are available:
    – softwood : JBC-0034
    – tropical hardwood : JBC-0033
    – recycled : JBC-0290
    Please enquire for other wood species.
  • Treatment: Wood is treated with a water based,fungicidal and insecticidal acrylic stain that enhances the natural appearance of the wood.
  • Length (in mm): 2000
  • Nb seats : 4

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