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Dimensional characteristics
  • Products line : Symbios

Steel structure and seat in resinous, exotic, bamboo or recycled wood

Set up
  • Norms : NF-P99-610


You are at home here!
A new spirit of conviviality
Symbios is the ideal range to make the link between public place and private space, preferring conviviality to protocol. Symbios is the ideal range to make the link between public place and private space, preferring user-friendliness to protocol. A beautiful impression emerges on the pitch, a new spirit. A sobriety that says a lot.
The goal of the Symbios style?
Let the planner’s intentions speak for themselves, respect the architect’s ideas, give priority to the overall plan.
The result ?
A warm alliance between wood and steel expressed with simplicity, taste and talent.
Accommodation and freedom of expression
The furniture of the Symbios line can be arranged in a classic way.
But they also offer planners and architects new, freer and more creative installation solutions.

  • Steel structure: Made using 2D and 3D laser cutting and robotic welding.
  • Finishing: The steel has a double surface coating: electro-galvanising + powder coating.
    As an option, there is a wide choice of colors and textures for steel parts.
  • Wood:  four versions are available:
    – Softwood: reference JAN-0115
    – Exotic: reference JAN-0017
    – Bamboo: reference JAN-0125
    – Recycled: reference JAN-0018
  • Treatment: Wood is treated with a water based, fungicidal and insecticidal acrylic stain that enhances the natural appearance of the wood.
  • Seals: anchoring at level 0
  • Delivery: pre-assembled
  • Number of seats : 3
  • Armrests : No
  • Length (in mm): 1800


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