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A unique flooring concept for areas with high demands.

Can be applied to difficult and insufficient areas such as sand, soil and grass.



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Solid Superior Green                             Solid Basic Black


BERGO SOLID flooring system is a strong, flexible and easy mounted ground protecting interlocking floor with high sustainability.

BERGO SOLID comes in two different models:
Basic and Superior. The hexagonal design provides exceptionally strong locking in six directions.

BERGO SOLID is made from strong plastic (HDPE),
developed for the UN for emergency and conflict areas. Its flexibility and strength makes these ground protecting floor tiles perfect for store units, pavilions and even to build temporary roads where heavy vehicle can operate. Even when it comes to events, camping and as a protecting surface, BERGO SOLID flooring system is optimal to use.


  • Heavy duty floor.
  • Can be applied on all types of outdoor surfaces, even sand, soil, grass and ice.
  • Adapts to the subground and no preliminary work is needed.
  • Can resist very heavy loads and carries trucks, machines and cars.
  • Easy to install and move.
  • Time of installation/person: approx 100 m2/h

Usage areas:

  • Warehouses and tents.
  • Outdoor events and concert venues.
  • Temporary parking lots, e.g. in connection with events.
  • Temporary roads that also allows heavy vehicles
    (e.g. building/construction works).
  • As subfloor for sport arenas.
  • Protection of existing surfaces.
  • Events on ice.


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