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12.0 x 16.0 cm


60 cm







Product information about “Rectangular Palisade”

Rectangular palisades made from the recycled plastic hanit® are the first choice when planning and realizing public and private building projects. Our rectangular recycling palisades cut a fine figure for new buildings as well as for renovation and modernization work. Due to its specific weight, the palisade made of the recycling plastic hanit® is approx. 65% lighter than comparable products made of concrete. In addition to the savings in transport, there are also advantages in terms of installation. Our rectangular palisades made of recycled plastic can also be installed without heavy equipment, especially in inaccessible areas. hanit® – a recycled plastic that sets standards.
Typical areas of application for rectangular palisades made of plastic are, for example, the design of green spaces, sandpit edging, playground construction, bedding and garden design, pond construction, driveways, walkways and stairs.

Lengths: depending on the version from 40 to 150 cm
Profile dimensions: 12 x 16 cm and 16 x 24 cm
Many advantages over wood and concrete
Easy processing
Water neutral
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Product data

Detail selection : 12.0 x 16.0 cm
Quality (material) : hanit®
Color : Grey/brown/black
Length : 60 cm
Width : 16 cm
Height : 12 cm
Weight : 6,6 kg
Specification : hollow profile
Required quantity (L) : 6,3 per meter
Piece per pallet : 60
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Additional Information

Not all the dimensions are intended for slope reinforcement. Let us advise you in cases of uncertainty.

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